Apple’s stock was split into two yesterday.

The company closed at $55.625, the equivalent of $111.25 per share before the split took place.

The decision to make the two-for-one stock split was approved at Apple’s Annual Shareholders meeting on April 20, 2000. It means shareholders possessing one share of Apple’s common stock on Tuesday evening began business on Wednesday holding two shares, at half the value.

On the up The revised-value shares opened at $50.625 Wednesday morning. The climb in value reflects anticipation in the run-up to Macworld Expo, New York, and the expectation that Apple will enhance its products there - new products mean new sales and better growth – according to industry observers.

Apple has delivered positive earnings reports every quarter since 1998, and 14 analysts rate the company as a "Buy". Analysts agree that the company is healthy, and its market share continues to grow.