Despite its award-winning hardware products, Apple is a software-focused company, said Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Jobs was speaking to the Wall Street Journal's Walt Mossberg during June's D: All Things Digital conference. The Always On network has published an extensive three-part Q&A reporting what was said there.

Jobs told Mossberg: "The core technology [of consumer devices] is going to be software. From the very beginning we looked at the iPod and said the ultimate competitive barrier is going to be software. We're pretty clever at hardware, and ultimately people will copy us and do other things, but the competitive barrier will be software."

Apple's leader also stressed the company's innovation-friendly strategy: "We really believe that we can innovate much more if we control that technology.

"We innovate, and let's say we've got a dozen major breakthroughs a year: we can advertise three or four of them; if we do more the consumer thinks we're a little nuts," he added.

Jobs talked about how Apple is expanding its remit: "Apple is great at is figuring out how to invent cool technology but making it wonderfully easy to use. That's what we've always done.

"That's what the Mac was; that's what a lot of things we do are. We're taking those core talents of the company and applying them to some end products where we don't have the 5% market share ceiling."