Unleashing Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger could help Apple win over the masses from Microsoft Windows, according to industry experts.

Creative Strategies analyst Tim Bajarin told Boston.com: "Apple clearly has the type of buzz that can get the attention of PC users, and more importantly, at least get them to think about a switch."

The failure of Microsoft to launch its much delayed revamped operating system, nicknamed Longhorn, and the fact that the company's products have been plagued by security issues are likely to come into play as customers look to the Apple alternative.

Stoking the fire

Microsoft has already seen a movement away from Internet Explorer, with the take up of Mozilla's Firefox Web browser increasing rapidly.

Coupled with the mass adoption of iPods, Apple looks to be in a good position to win some marketshare from Microsoft.

Directions on Microsoft analyst Greg DeMichillie said: "People who buy iPods tend to look wistfully at the Mac in the store. If they're not buying now, they're thinking about it."