Apple sold thousands of copies of Mac OS X 10.4 'Tiger' this weekend, but some Mac users may be disheartened when they discover the new OS ships only on DVD.

Apple has a scheme for those whose Macs don't possess DVD-playback capabilities - the Media Exchange Programme.

Apple UK has now published the UK specifics for this scheme, which provides Mac users with a way to get hold of a copy of the OS on CDs.

"Customers who purchase Mac OS X “Tiger” v10.4 and do not have a DVD drive can apply for a Mac OS X Tiger 10.4 CD kit through the Media Exchange programme for a shipping and handling fee of £11.99 (UK)/€17.99 (Ireland)," the company confirms.

Tiger CD price in spotlight

This raises the total cost of upgrading to Tiger to £100.99 (£89 for the OS, and an additional £11.99 for exchanging the media).

The scheme (which ends July 22) requires that users purchase a copy of Tiger on DVD. And then it grows more complicated. Apple demands that users trying to get the OS on CDs return the DVD they have acquired to the company, along with a selection of paperwork.

"You must complete the order form and provide a photocopy of a dated, itemised sales receipt or packing slip indicating the marketing part number(s) of the qualifying system(s) purchased on or after April 12th, 2005," the company reveals.