An Intel executive has criticized Apple's choice of chip, claiming the company "has made the wrong processor choices for "20 years".

Intel senior VP and chief technology officer Pat Gelsinger told the Edmonton Journal: "Steve Jobs has made the wrong CPU choice for 20 years. He just added a few more years to the life of his bad decisions. Steve's not an illogical guy, he's passionate and opinionated about the directions he wants. It's a poor path for the company as well as a poor path for the users".

Gelsinger added: "Our chips would help, Apple could find ways to open up more applications for themselves, a broader set of products."

He believes that Apple's tight control of both hardware and software suppresses innovation. Intel's business model, though, supports it.

Gelsinger did concede, however, that Apple has done a good job of turning itself around: "You can't discount all the things it's doing."

Looking at the future of technology, Gelsinger predicted mobile phones the size of a shirt button, tracking devices for objects and children and more. "We will build everything into silicon that allows us to touch and deliver technologies everywhere," he said.