PC Data has released its run-down of the top manufacturers Web sites for the week ending January 22, 2000.

Apple's Web site climbed to number three in the chart. First place went to Gateway, and second position fell to Hewlett Packard. Apple's placing reflects well on its "out-of-the-box" Internet strategy, industry observers said.

The company posted a redesigned site on January 5 (following Steve Jobs' keynote speech), hosting its US-based iTools collection, much of the increased site traffic is attributed to the move. The recently released QuickTime 4.1 update also boosted the figures.

The top ten according to PC Data:

1. gateway.com
2. hp.com
3. apple.com
4. compaq.com
5. dell.com
6. ecost.com
8. ibm.com
9. intel.com
10. cdw.com