Apple has upgraded AppleShare IP to version 6.3.3.

Apple says the upgraded app is faster, more secure and more accessible than ever before. It enables ongoing server management with shared users and groups, and offers a remote-administration interface for managing server machines from anywhere over TCP/IP.

Apple Network Assistant administration software is now included in the application. This contains tools for checking system profiles, reconfiguring settings and distributing applications from one location over TCP/IP and AppleTalk networks.

NT beater Apple claims its product is capable of performing twice as fast as comparable NT servers. A number of powerful functions for Web administrators have been added, and the admin interface will also work over TCP/IP.

Administration of key services is now accessible from the Mac OS Server Admin button bar. The new version makes it possible to maintain a number of server systems from a single Macintosh.

An upgrade is available for existing AppleShare IP users.