Apple has updated its productivity applications-suite, AppleWorks, to version 6.2.

The product contains a spreadsheet, word processor, page-layout functions, image manipulation, database and presentation modules. The update adds the ability to create PDF documents automatically for Internet file-sharing. Version 6.2 also includes DataViz file translators, so users can open, save and share Microsoft Word and Excel documents.

Apple's senior director of applications marketing, David Moody, said: "AppleWorks is the first productivity suite built to run on Mac OS X. Downloads of the public preview topped 200,000, so it's clear that Macintosh users are hungry to get AppleWorks' vast set of productivity features on the world's most advanced operating system."

AppleWorks 6.2 costs £55 and includes both Mac OS X and Mac OS 8.1 versions. Minimum system requirements for both include a PowerPC-equipped Mac, 24MB of RAM with virtual memory set to at least 25MB, CD-ROM or DVD-ROM, QuickTime and an optional Internet connection for accessing Internet-based templates. The update is a free download for AppleWorks 6 owners.