Apple has released its AppleWorks 6.2.7 update for Mac OS X and its 6.2.5 update for OS 8/9.

The free update improves the application's presentation module, AppleScript support, Web-content searching, printing and label printing, table support and spell-checking capabilities.

The update also furnishes better recognition and handling of Office 97 and Office 2000 files. It improves support for multimedia files in database documents, improves Web template downloading over slow Internet connections, and adds Auto-Calculation to the spreadsheet module.

The application also offers better support for documents containing links. The new version of AppleWorks supports Web-based templates and clipart on networks using proxy servers.

The 6.2.5 update improves the spreadsheets Auto Calculation facility and improves support for multimedia files in database documents.

Apple has also released a 6.2.1 update for AppleWorks for Windows, which improves spreadsheet Auto Calculation.