With the launch of Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger just around the corner - 30-hours away, and counting, a number of companies have updated their goods for the new iteration of the Mac operating system. Here are details on a selected few.

Panic has updated FTP client Transmit, icon-swap-sweet CandyBar and sharing network Unison.

Salling Software has upgraded its utility that turns a mobile phone or PDA into a remote control for a Mac to take advantage of Tiger. Salling Clicker 2.2.1 also adds support for a number new devices.

Chronos StickyBrain 3.4.1 adds support for Tiger to the note manager. A full upgrade is expected soon; the company plans to add features that take advantage of Spotlight and Dashboard.

SubRosaSoft has added Tiger support to drive utility VolumeWorks. Version 1.3 also offers improved performance and a built in light version. The company has also released a Tiger version of drive cloner CopyCat 2.5.

Rogue Amoeba has updated its entire line of applications to provide Mac OS X Tiger compatibility. Audio controller Detour 1.5.3, broadcast utility Nicecast 1.7.3, advanced recording application Audio Hijack Pro 2.1.1, Airport Express partner application Airfoil 1.0.5 and Memory Cell 2.01 have all received the Tiger treatment.

Bicartel has also Tiger-ed its applications including RadioLover 1.3 for recording MP3 radio streams and iRecordMusic 1.4 for recording radio to play back on the iPod.

Presenta's iGetter 2.3 is optimized for Tiger and Safari 2.0. It's an application designed to offer "better downloading from the Internet".

Journaling software MacJournal 3.1 from Mariner Software adds Tiger and .Mac support.

Babel Company's digital archiving utility Impression 2.8 brings Tiger' compatibility and cross-platform HFS+/ISO9660/Joliet disc burning.

Automation utility QuicKeys X3 from Startly Technologies includes several improvements as well as Tiger compatibility.

General purpose utility for cleaning, repairing and optimizing Macs Cocktail 3.6 has been optimized for the latest release of Apple Xcode and Mac OS X 10.4.

ZappTek's iSpeak It has also had a Tiger makeover. The application takes document or Web feed and converts into an MP3/AAC track in iTunes.