has released AppZapper 1.5, its universal uninstaller solution for Mac OS X 10.4 and above.

The software lets users uninstall virtually any application, widget, preference pane and plugin as easily as it was installed. Users just need to drag the application icon for the software they want removed from their drive to AppZapper's application window. AppZapper intelligently locates any leftover support files and lets users throw them into the trash with one click.

It's an ideal solution for the removal of applications that leave multiple supporting filed behind them when they are removed. A look inside most Mac user's computers shows a tattered trail of orphaned preferences, caches, and other support files left behind when an application is removed.

AppZapper 1.5 introduces a brand new way to clean: ZapGenie. This allows users to browse their collection of applications, search them, and sort them by the last time they were used.

Earlier versions of this application have been downloaded 400,000 times so far. It costs $12.95 (a new $18 Family Pack registers all members of the same household). The free shareware version allows you to zap five applications before it stops working. All versions are available from the company's website.