Graphisoft has announced Mac OS X support in its industry standard CAD solution for achitects, ArchiCAD 8, which ships this autumn.

The product was announced at the UIA World Congress, the world's largest architectural convention. ArchiCAD offers a revised interface, improved navigation and document management, alongside faster speed and 2D drafting features.

Access to documents in the project file has been improved, helping architects working on complex tasks: resources are easier to find for planning submissions, project tenders or construction drawings, for example. Documents can also be distributed to the local network-printer or an FTP server. Project management also benefits from a new Layout Book; this automatically organizes a project's documentation within one file.

2D work has been beefed-up. Detailing and drafting features are faster; and a feature called Polylines helps an architect-reshape elements. The data-entry features have also been made more intuitive, and its libraries enhanced.

OpenGL graphic-card support exploits the power of hardware accelerator-cards for real-time 3D navigation in a photo-rendering quality with the building remaining fully editable.

ArchiCAD 8 will run on OS X, OS 9.1 and later and Windows 2000 and XP. English, German and French versions will be available in autumn, with other versions released through the first half of 2003. Pricing is unavailable at this time.