Copernican Technologies has released Boswell 1.0.

Boswell is an information-manager for archiving and controlling information from a variety of sources, including email, Web pages, research notes and written documents. The application was distributed, in its beta form, at Macworld Expo, San Francisco, 2000.

Text is organized and categorized automatically – the app will "analyze an email from Fred about the Harris project and will not only store it with all the other emails, but also with everything else about Fred and everything else about the Harris project."

Boswell is capable of automatically filing information according to sender, recipient and even by project. Once instructed, Boswell will continue to file data as instructed until told to stop. Once stored, text can be retrieved at any time. Boswell can also search through all the data it holds.

Users drafting a long document of any kind can instruct Boswell to keep track of its evolving versions – this means text can be changed and deleted without the fear of losing the data – ideal for a writer who may prefer a previous version of an essay. The application will also export information to an email or word-processing application.

The $129 application is available online from Copernican Technologies.