Data management and software software specialists from JPY and Archiware will demonstrate the PresSTORE 2 data management solution at a free event on July 20.

The companies say that data-storage demands from the creative industry alone are likely to grow by 300 per cent across the next five years. They hope to explain how their solutions can help manage this extensive collection of data.

PresSTORE 2 is a modular data system comprising of backup, archiving and data-synchronisation elements. It also supports mixed platform networks.

"Massive amounts of data means full backups can take longer than the overnight or weekend allocated. This leads to scenarios where not all data is secured, or backups are done less frequently," the companies explained.

The seminar will address a range of different approaches to managing data and backup in an attempt to avoid reaching a future scenario where everything is not backed up.

Archiware President, Josef Doods, said: "Badly designed storage strategies can clog the network, interrupt work, and leave data unprotected. This seminar will show how all these problems can be avoided and data can be secured quickly without impacting the workflow."

The seminar takes place at William Goodenough House in Bloomsbury, London. Further details and registration can be found at the JPY website.