California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will be meeting with top US tech-industry CEOs today at Adobe's CEO Summit.

The Summit sees big-name tech-industry executives gather to address key issues for economic recovery. It is being held in partnership with the Silicon Valley Manufacturing Group (SVMG), and takes place at Adobe's San Jose headquarters.

The event will kick off with a closed-door session at which Schwarzenegger and a select group of executives and academic leaders will discuss California's economic recovery, workers compensation, education, energy, housing and "frivolous lawsuits", according to Adobe.

Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen said: "As one of the world's largest software companies, Adobe has a critical stake in helping solve the business and economic issues facing Silicon Valley today. Our goal for this summit is to help facilitate a stronger dialogue between Silicon Valley leaders and Sacramento [home to America's second-largest tech industry] so we can all work together to move California's economic recovery forward."

President and CEO of SVMG Carl Guardino said: "CEOs are solutions-focused, and it is to the Governor's credit that he specifically requested a closed-door meeting with less than two dozen CEOs to focus on solutions and to build a bridge ? both a talent and a solutions bridge – from Silicon Valley to Sacramento."

Expected to attend are Michael Splinter (Applied Materials); Carly Fiorina (HP); Michael Cannon (Solectron); Aart de Geus (Synopsys); and Stanford University president John Hennessy. A total of 15 other Silicon Valley CEOs will also be present.