Aspyr Media has posted six new objects for its big-selling game The Sims on the Mac.

Aspyr is porting all the PC objects already released for PC Sims fans to the Mac. Objects currently available include a guinea pig, a set of new wall lights, a Moosehead, a slot machine for virtual-Vegas set-ups and a cuckoo clock. A huge Sim version of the White House is also available.

Objects are available for download from The Sims section of Aspyr’s Web site. You need your product registration code from the front of The Sims CD case, or need to register online, to download the updates.

The Sims, already a smash hit on the PC, is a simulated life game in which players control a house and its residents, they build, populate, decorate and furnish the home. Players take responsibility for every aspect of Sim life, from work, food and relationships to basic bladder functions and personal hygiene.

The game has sold in large volumes in the weeks since the Mac port’s release, attracting positive critical acclaim and spawning an ever-growing number of fan Web sites.