Aspyr has confirmed it will publish the Mac port of Electronic Arts forthcoming Sims 2 title.

The title is under development by Aspyr's internal development team, Aspyr Studios.

Set in what the company calls: "An amazingly realistic 3D world", the Sims 2 lets players control their Sims over an entire life cycle, from the cradle to the grave. Each choice made has a relevant and dramatic effect on Sim life.

The title offers more life-like Sims, new aspirations for the characters, and introduces genetics and DNA. Sim DNA is passed through the generations, along with certain personalty types.

The Sims evolve by genetically passing on physical and personality traits. Players can choose one of five different aspirations – Popularity, Fortune, Family, Knowledge, and Romance - for their Sims. These choices furnish the characters with wnats and fears.

A new movie-making feature also appears in this release.