Aspyr is shipping Doom 3, and Feral Interactive has released a demo version of its forthcoming Commandos Battle Pack.

Doom 3 should reach retail shelves by March 19, said the company. It costs £39.99 (including VAT).

The Associated Press has called DOOM 3, “One of the scariest games ever made".
The PC version of the game has became the fastest selling PC action shooter in the US, according to NPD Techworld. It has been developed for the Mac by id Software and Aspyr Studios.

id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead said: "DOOM 3’s intense combat, realistic sound and physics, and unbelievably terrifying creatures draw you into the gaming experience like never before."

Teasing gamers, Feral Interactive has released a demo version of Commandos Battle Pack, its WWII squad-based action strategy game - or games, as it combines both Commandos 2 and Commandos 3 in one.

Gamers' take charge of an elite group of commandos venturing behind enemy lines. The demo offers one full mission and a tutorial.