Aspyr has released a demo of Homeworld 2 and revealed that its forthcoming Men of Valor title should ship by the end of the year.

The 161MB Homeworld 2 demo is available as a free download. It offers three tutorial missions and the full, first single-player mission of the game.

This is a sci-fi real time strategy title in which players control huge armadas of ships in a life-or-death battle with alien forces. Players can research and build new technology and control the battle in 3D with a camera system that lets players zoom in and out to get to grips with the action. The full retail version (£39.99) of the game offers a complete single player campaign and a multiplayer mode.

Men of Valor is a first player shooot-em-up based in the disastrous Vietnam campaign. It's being produced by Vivendi, which will ship PC and Xbox versions of the title. Aspyr anticipates shipping the game within six weeks of its debut on other platforms, by "mid-December", the company said.