Aspyr has released a demo version of its hotly-awaited Mac port of Electronic Art's Command and Conquer: Generals, which should ship later this month.

Command and Conquer: Generals offers Mac gamers the chance to be the "ultimate modern warfare general". The demo contains one training mission for the US side, and two complete game missions for the Chinese and the Global Liberation Army. It's available for download here.

Gaming action features three sides: the US, China and the Global Liberation Army. Tensions between the three are running high, and though leaders on all sides claim no interest in escalating the situation satellite images betray their warlike agenda.

Each side has its advantages: the US has the most advanced military forces while the Chinese army is well financed with access to modern technologies and vast troop numbers. The elusive Global Liberation Army is outgunned by these two foes, but is prepared to resort to terrorist attacks – bio attack, sabotage and suicide bombings are all stock in trade for the politically-motivated GLA.

Players control one of the three vying groups, with the action taking place across a fully 3D environment. Up to eight players can compete in multiplayer mode, both online using GameRanger, or over a LAN (only Mac-to-Mac play supported).

The game requires Mac OS X 10.2.6 or later, a G4 or G5 Mac running at 1GHz or faster and at least 256MB RAM. Aspyr plans to distribute the game on DVD, so a DVD player will be needed to install it.