Aspyr has released The Sims 2 Body Shop, a stand-alone, character-creation tool.

The free 205MB download lets fevered Sims-players begin to create characters for the much-anticipated Sims 2 for Mac, which ships later this month.

Sims Body Shop is a character-creation tool that lets gamers while away the hours iin the prelude to the game's release by creating their own custom Sims with tattoos, hair, clothing, facial expressions and more - all editable in 50 ways.

The resulting Sims can be used in the game and shared with other players. Skin tone, eye colour, hairstyles, facial hair, makeup, clothes can all be set in place for when the game debuts.

This tool gives players a detailed level of control over a Sim’s look
through a wide range of facial types and sliders that will fine tune each
feature including nose length, eyebrow thickness, lip curl and chin shape.

The Sims 2 game is not required to run Sims 2 Body Shop. Along with previously disclosed features of The Sims 2, Aspyr has confirmed it will have the ability to make movies and that players will be able to save - and share - characters using iDisk.