The old Mac versus Windows PC price equation has been turned on its head, according to Robert Weston of the Associated Press, writing at

Weston borrowed a higher-end Mac Pro that included two processors running at 3GHz, an Nvidia Quadro FX 4500 graphics card with 512MB of video memory, four 500GB hard drives and 4GB of system memory, selling for $7,449. A similarly configured Dell Precision 690 with the same hardware costs $8,534, or $1,085 more than the Mac according to Weston.

Dell spokesman Marco Pena suggested that the numbers might be closer after configuring the Mac to include a three-year warranty similar to the Dell offering.

Meanwhile Dan Frakes senior editor for Macworld US offers an opinion piece adding new points to a recent article offering a comparison of the prices of a Mac Pro and a similar Dell PC.