Adobe will not port ATM Deluxe to Mac OS X, the company has revealed.

Adobe recommends that ATM users adopt DiamondSoft Font Reserve or Extensis Suitcase as an alternative.

Welcoming the news, Extensis Europe's business director, Bob Campbell, said: "This is obviously good news for Suitcase users. We have major long-term plans for the development of this product."

He told Macworld that Suitcase would be ported to Mac OS X, and is scheduled for release in "October-time".

Explaining the delay in implementing Mac OS X support for Suitcase, Campbell said: "We are waiting until there is a larger user-base among designers for Mac OS X. Designers tend to stick with the technologies they trust and are familiar with. I know designers who still use Quark XPress 3, because they trust it.

"Our research suggests that the installed Mac OS X user-base among designers will grow and become a sizeable enough market for us by about October. We need to know the demand is there before we release a product."

Suitcase 9 Desktop Edition is a font-management utility, with four automated ways to manage and view installed and archived fonts. It's capable of creating sample pages and has been developed to limit font-management time. Extensis has a "competitive upgrade price" for users of competing upgrades, including ATM, of £39.99.

DiamondSoft's president, Brian Berson revealed that his company expects to release an OS X version of its FontReserve utility between July and September. DiamondSoft will also be offering a promotional upgrade price for ATM customers.

Adobe's UK office was unable to shed light on the reason the company has chosen to cease development of ATM, suggesting instead that its customers read its statement on its Web site.

Adobe's statement points out that: "The current version of Adobe Type Manager Deluxe for the Macintosh (version 4.6), is incompatible with Mac OS X, in either native or Classic mode.

"As an alternative for users of Mac OS X, Adobe is recommending that customers evaluate DiamondSoft Font Reserve and Extensis Suitcase products. Adobe has no plans at present to create a version of ATM Deluxe that runs on Mac OS X."