, a developer of hosted applications for building Web sites, will announce a new service, Enterprise Search, Macworld has learnt.

The service has been developed for large corporations, institutions and topic-related portals. It can index millions of pages effectively, and, as a hosted application, all software and maintenance issues will be handled by The search engine can be added to a Web site with just a few lines of HTML code.

The search tool boasts all the functions of the currently available Search solution, with the addition of the following functions in the Enterprise version:

Incremental Indexing This lets Webmasters configure the engine to update only those areas of a corporate Web presence known to change at specific times.

Parallel Indexing This speeds up the indexing of large sites by using Parallel connections, rather than one single connection during the indexing process.

Intranet Support claims to offer the only hosted-site search-engine that can be used in an Intranet environment with no security compromise.

The search engine also features Session ID Support for tracking visitor sessions. Enterprise Search will be available in August 2000, when pricing will also be announced.