Australian teachers using Macs are crying out for help from Apple Australia, as local education chiefs are seemingly working to remove Macs from the education system there.

The Australian Mac User Group (AMUG) has been begging Apple Australia to help them keep Macs on the education agenda in that country, but the company has failed to help them so far.

Apple is the number one supplier of notebooks to Australia's education market, according to IDC figures for the fourth quarter of 2005, AMUG claims.

A report on the group's website explains the challenge teachers face: "The Department of Education and Training (DET) has declared war on Macs. It's not a publicised war but none the less it's a fight to the death," the User Group's president claims.

"The problem came to my attention when I was initially approached for help from a group of Western Australian teachers upset that Apple and the DET were unable to come to an agreement to renew the Laptops For Teachers scheme that was started years ago to give teachers a choice on selecting their preferred platform. However after doing a bit of research it became obvious that this was just the tip of the iceburg, in fact there are many more problems affecting the use of Macs in schools Australia wide. I even tried talking to Apple Australia in an effort to put out this smouldering fire before it turned into a forest fire but all to no avail."

Apple Australia, the report claims, only said: "It is against Apple's policy to comment on ongoing issues."

The extended report explains a pattern of strategic attempts to remove Macs from Australian schools, including moves by Australia's Teacher's Union to support those affected by the situation.

However, Apple may also be at fault. The DET claims that Apple and the DET have been unable to reach a deal to keep Macs in schools 'down under'.