Solutions Etcetera has acquired Mac-authoring tool SuperCard from IncWell, the original developer.

The acquisition comes after over 18 months of development of the authoring environment. It's scheduled for release in summer.

“Solutions Etcetera personnel have been responsible for SuperCard's development since June, 1998, so it's only natural we bring it in house before releasing what we believe is the best version ever,” said Scott Simon, SuperCard product manager.

Flexible The environment can be used to create a variety of different applications, including games, teaching aids, utilities, productivity and automation tools, kiosks and other projects. SuperCard 4.0 harnesses Apple's Mac OS X technologies, bringing the solution to the platform.

The authoring environment has a long history on Macs. Mark Lucas, SuperCard's lead engineer, explained: “Like HyperCard before it, when SuperCard was introduced, it represented a quantum leap in the quest to put the power and magic of the Mac in the hands of everyone.

“However, the Mac evolved out from under it over time, and like HyperCard it was getting a bit long in the tooth. By harnessing Apple's latest technologies, SuperCard 4.0 changes that, putting it at the cutting edge of Mac-authoring tools once again.”

Lucas promises a development environment that's easy to use, but powerful enough for professional use. More information regarding the existing product is available online.