Photoshop expert Ben Long has released a new batch of scripts for Mac-based Photoshop Elements users.

The script collection - The Photoshop Elements Action Pack - introduces some of the automation features found in Photoshop CS2 to Adobe's entry-level photo manipulation software.

Users can batch process their images using Photoshop Elements by employing this collection of 21 Automator Actions that let you drive Photoshop Elements from within Apple's Automator.

Photoshop Elements provides no internal Actions palette, nor hooks to any external scripting languages, but the Automator/Photoshop Elements Action Pack combination lets users create complex automation workflows for Elements version 4, or any other version that shares the same menu structure.

The Photoshop Elements Action Pack offers: Auto Color, Auto Levels, Auto Smart Fix, and Auto Red Eye Reduction. Image resizing, the capacity to save images into multiple formats, and support for the automatic creation of web images also feature in Long's script collection.

The Photoshop Elements Action Pack is built around the same architecture as the popular Photoshop CS/CS2 Action Pack, which means you can batch processes huge numbers of very large images without bogging Elements down.

The Elements Action Pack includes a 20-page manual, sample workflows, and sample images, and is available for free download.

Long adds: "If you find yourself so inclined, give the large PayPal button a press or two. Any size donation is greedily accepted."