Avid Technology has revealed it plans to synchronise Intel and PowerPC development for its Mac products.

The move matches the company's plans to synchronisation product development for Mac and Windows platforms by mid-2006.

It's a move to prepare for the introduction of Intel-based Macs next year. By synchronising development for both Apple platforms, Avid's initial Mac HD release is now targeted for mid-2006 for Avid Xpress Pro and Media Composer Adrenaline(TM) systems running on PowerPC Macs.

Once Apple's Intel-based systems ship, Avid will deliver the same HD capabilities offered on PowerPC-based systems to Intel Macs.

Surprise, surprise

"When Apple announced its plan to move to Intel processors this past June, we were as surprised as the rest of the industry," said Dana Ruzicka, vice president of Post Solutions for Avid.

"The new Intel architecture shows great promise for improving Mac performance, but it also requires third-party developers to rework their roadmaps in order to support two Apple platforms."

Ruzicka reflected that while the change will be good for the industry, Avid "shares its customers' frustrations with the disruption it can cause in the short-term".

The company is moving to develop applications using Apple's own Xcode development software, because it inherently allows for development for both processors.

"Our support of both the new Intel architecture and the existing PowerPC platform offers a path for all of our loyal Mac customers", Ruzicka said.