Public demand has prompted Quark to post a free XTension to provide XPress 6.0 users with similar image-editing functionality they enjoyed in pre-6.0 versions.

Edit Original 6.0 replaces Publish and Subscribe, XTensions that enabled users of pre-6.0 versions of XPress to easily access and edit images in their native applications.

Quark's communications manager Glen Turpin said: "Many XPress 6.0 users have said they want to double-click images to edit the original file in its native application.

"This was never a feature [of previous versions of XPress] per se – it was a benefit of Publish and Subscribe. When Publish and Subscribe disappeared with OS X, that benefit went away, too, so we've just released a free XTension to give customers the capability in XPress 6.".

Edit Original 6.0 is available for download from Quark.