Softline has said that Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn is expected to ship in the UK before the end of October. The title is shipping in the US from today, MacPlay has confirmed.

The long awaited fantasy role-playing game for the Mac was expected to ship in September. Now, MacPlay promises that those who pre-ordered the game in the US should receive their copies "by the end of the week", MacCentral reports.

The game is set in the Dungeons and Dragons Forgotten Realms game world. It's the sequel to the critically acclaimed Baldur's Gate, and characters created in the first game can be imported into the sequel.

All the action is set in the kingdom of Amn. Players must travel the surface of the world, exploring dungeons and underground labyrinths in order to conquer enemies, gain experience and uncover the story line.

The game supports up to six players in a multiplayer environment. A full screen mode and 3D acceleration are supported. It requires a Power Mac G3 233MHz, 128MB of RAM and Mac OS 8.6 or later. The title has been Carbonized for Mac OS X, and costs £39.99.