In a world-first, LA band Sexohol has released its debut album as a free Dashboard widget.

The album, "Enjoy!", is also available to purchase through iTunes Music Store.

The Sexohol shuffle

In a move that shows yet another new potential application of Apple technologies for bands, Sexohol pre-released the full album loaded onto an iPod shuffle in March.

At that time, Sexohol's co-lead singer and bassist, Golden Delicious, said: "It's only a matter of time before other bands use iPod shuffle as a distribution method or promotional item. With our tradition of innovation, we thought it important to be first."

The free "Enjoy!" widget album lets users listen to any of the 12 songs from "Enjoy!" whenever connected to the Internet, while providing lyrics and photographs from the CD.

If you like the band's music, you can buy a licensed widget ($9.99) that will play all the tracks without being online.

New wave of audio-widgets predicted

Golden Delicious is adamant that such widget albums could become a handy music promotional tool, saying: "Our Enjoy! album was added to the iTunes Music Store just over a week ago, but online buyers say they miss the full CD experience. Our attempts to squeeze a physical CD through an ethernet cable failed, so we did this instead."

The widget recognises when iTunes has legitimately-acquired versions of the band's music within its music library, so a fan who buys the album on CD, over the Internet using iTunes, or who has already acquired the songs when they were released on an iPod shuffle will be able to play them back at will using the widget, with no need to acquire the widget license.