Bare Bones Software has released its own version of an information organiser for Macs, Yojimbo 1.0.

The software lets Mac users organise information across multiple computers (with .Mac Sync Services synchronisation) using an easy-to-navigate, drawer-based interface. Yojimbo stores different data types: text notes, passwords, web bookmarks, product serial numbers, PDFs, and web archives.

Data input into Yojimbo uses Mac user interface gestures such as copy-and-paste, drag-&-drop, a Quick Input Panel, or PDF Services from the Print menu. Searching and retrieval are instantaneous, using either Yojimbo's built-in search, or Spotlight.

The software also uses AES-256 algorithm-based encryption, which can be used to encrypt individual documents, but keeps them easy to find.

Friendly-featured storage

"We designed Yojimbo with an intense focus on providing an effortless user experience, so that it stays out of your way and yet remains at your fingertips," said Rich Siegel, founder and CEO of Bare Bones Software.

"Regardless of what you store and how you organise, Yojimbo works with you, never against you. You can store whatever you like in it; for example, I've been using it for everything from code snippets and web links to creating a home inventory."

More information on Yojimbo and a fully functional demo version are available online.

Yojimbo is available now. It costs $39 for a single-user licence; $69 for a family-pack licence for up to five people in a single household; or $29 for an educational licence for a single academic customer on one computer.