The relationship between Apple technologies and sport continues to grow stronger, with US baseball teams now using iPods to figure out how to crush the competition.

An Associated Press report looks at a new implementation of video on an iPod by baseball team, the Colorado Rockies.

That team has captured video of previous performances by all the batsmen ("hitters") on the opposing team. These clips are compressed so that team pitcher Jason Jennings can study his opposition's form whenever he gets the chance.

"It's a good way to refresh yourself on how you got guys out," Jennings said.

Other baseball teams have been speaking with the Colorado Rockies about the use of iPods to boost performance. It's a natural extension of what already happens in professional sport.

Teams are making extensive use of video to boost performance and training - to be able to export these materials to a portable device makes sense. It means players can study their own and their opposition's form at any time that is convenient for them.

The Rockies have downloaded video clips into the iPods of 14 players so far.

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