Release 5 of FutureBASIC^3 - the Macintosh development environment - has been announced.

This Europe-wide release, from creators Staz Software, features a number of improvements, including faster processor speeds.

Release 5 introduces two major features in the programming language, Dynamic arrays and AppleEvents. An array is a series of objects, all of which are the same size and type - they can be either whole numbers or characters. Dynamic arrays handle memory allocation. The command Dim Dynamic declares the array, while Kill Dynamic deletes arrays and frees all memory allocated to them. New commands for file manipulation have been added, including Read Dynamic and Write Dynamic.

Flowing freely AppleEvents is a new vector, introduced in the Standard BASIC runtime, that allows the flow of a program to be directed.

The environment's debugger is faster, and can now display the content of arrays. There is also a new tool to analyse the assembly code generated by the compiler.

Graphics have also been improved. A 3D-game engine demonstrates how to use 3D graphics language OpenGL. FutureBASIC^ 3 Release 5 comes with over 1,500 files of examples.

Statz Software is forging ahead with a Mac OS X version, which is expected to be available with the next release. Release 5 of FutureBASIC^3 costs EURO202. No UK pricing is available.