The BBC is testing Podcasting.

Users can subscribe to download BBC Radio 4 history show, 'In Our Time', whenever a new edition is published, though the feature may only be available for a few weeks.

Podcasting relies on a variant of RSS, RSS 2.0. This version of the standard lets users wrap multimedia inside an RSS 'wrapper'. Contents aren't limited to sound, but in its present form, Podcasters are focused on audible content.

Mac users can subscribe to the BBC's feed by using software such as iPodderX. The currently available show features Melvyn Bragg and guests in a discussion of the history of ideas, this week focused on Scottish scientist, Peter Higgs, and his theory concerning how matter in the universe gets its mass.

Dan Hill, head of interactive technology and design at BBC Radio and Music Interactive, told ExtremeiPod that the podcasting feature will only be available for a few weeks:

The BBC is interested in feedback from users of the service.

A huge directory of Podcasting feeds is available here.