BBC News has published a piece that looks at Apple's contribution to the burgeoning home-movie making market.

Calling Apple “the undisputed leader in the multimedia field”, the article looks at the different elements that make up Apple's digital hub. The piece discusses Apple's iApps, mentioning the company's recently released iSync and iCal. “Work on such projects has stepped up dramatically since the success of the first hub application released in 1999,” the report claims.

Phil Schiller, Apple's vice president of worldwide marketing, comments: “The digital hub really had its genesis with iMovie.” On release, iMovie offered a consumer-level solution for creating, editing and adding effects to digital video on the Mac.

“The digital hub could slowly be turned into a money maker,” the report observes, looking at the "evolving battle for platform supremacy" that appears to be shaping up between Apple and Microsoft with an Apple add campaign aiming directly at the Windows publishers.