BBC Radio 2 has declined to comment on its use of a “computer expert” who recently peddled incorrect information concerning everything from Macs to film scanners.

The Jeremy Vine show on August 1 interviewed “computer expert” Rebecca Bocchetti, who fielded listeners’ computer-related questions.

Bocchetti described Macs as “pretty computers that are superficially compatible with PCs because they can send out emails”. She went on to say that Macs are unable to share complex file formats such as PowerPoint and Excel. This is, of course, untrue.

Bocchetti also claimed that it’s not possible to copy vinyl records to computers, despite a mass of hardware and software that is designed to do just this. She also displayed complete ignorance of film scanners, claiming "you cannot scan from negatives".

Show producer Phil Jones has now contacted Macworld to say: "Sometimes you have to hold up your hand and admit it. We made some mistakes there and we are sorry. We pride ourselves in mostly not making mistakes – none of us like to make them. We are sorry."

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