Bare Bones Software has released BBEdit 6.0, its HTML and text editor for the Mac.

Version 6.0 offers a host of enhancements, including the ability to handle new mark-up standards, such as XHTML, HTML 4.01 and WML 1.1. The application can handle files containing multi-byte characters, including Unicode characters, such as those required for representing classical and ancient text.

Searching The application’s multi-file search and replace has been enhanced, with advanced multiple-criteria file filtering added to the mix.

AppleScript support has also been enhanced, so custom scripts can be created by designers. The glossary has been improved, with language sensitive sets for storing customized mark-up sequences and inserting them into documents with a single keystroke.

Tag-insertion and -editing commands are available from contextual menus, the colour palette has been improved, and the application lets designers preview a document simultaneously in all running browsers.

QuickTime support Other improvements include support for Apple Keychain within the built-in FTP tool, multiple clipboards and QuickTime support - which enables QuickTime movies and image files to be viewed without leaving BBEdit. A command for manipulating Internet-style quoted text makes formatting email and Usenet articles easier too.

The application is available from Bare Bones Software and costs $119. A discounted cross-upgrade offer is also available - users of BBEdit Lite, GoLive, PageMill, Dreamweaver, Claris HomePage, Microsoft FrontPage, NetObjects Fusion and CodeWarrior can get BBEdit 6.0 for $79. An upgrade for existing users costs $39. No UK price is available yet.

BBEdit is available direct from Bare Bones Software, as well as from major Macintosh software resellers. BBEdit is also available online from For a partial listing of resellers, visit Bare Bones’ store info page.