BBEdit 6.1 from Bare Bones Software is available for Mac OS X.

This is the first version of the HTML and text editor to run natively on Mac OS X. BBEdit 6.1 takes advantage of several of Mac OS X's features, including "robust integration" with tools native to the Perl programming language.

Other features include enhanced FTP support, allowing the use of third-party port reflectors and SSH (Secure Shell) tunnels for FTP.

Language support Third-party support for BBEdit's language module plug-ins continues to grow, with recent announcements of plug-ins for languages Python, SQL and LDML.

This update is available free of charge to all registered users of BBEdit 6.0 and can be downloaded from their Web site.

Registered owners of BBEdit version 2.5 and later can upgrade to BBEdit 6.1 for $39. The suggested retail price for BBEdit 6.1 is $119.

A discounted cross-upgrade price of $79 is available to owners of BBEdit Lite, Adobe GoLive, Macromedia's Dreamweaver, Microsoft's FrontPage and others.

UK distributors Mygate say UK pricing and availability for version 6.1 should be announced in the next two weeks. Version 6.0 costs £99.