Bare Bones Software has released BBEdit 6.5, which adds Cascading Style Sheet Mark-up tools, Unix-scripting integration and other features for webmasters.

Version 6.5 runs natively in Mac OS X. It's also possible to use BBEdit 6.5 to edit and save system configuration files, as an alternative to the Terminal or Unix command line.

The new version adds a host of other features, including a new Grep engine with Perl-compatible regular-expression syntax, syntax colouring for Grep patterns in the Find dialogue, snap-to-grid palette dragging and resizing, and increased file-filtering flexibility. The application also now supports long file names.

Other features for Web authors include automatic language guessing, which improves workflow when dealing with code from multiple sources and contextual mark-up support, the company claims. Syntax checking for WML 1.2 and 1.3 are also included. There's a host of other features that promise to be of use to Web designers.

BBEdit 6.5 costs $119 in the US. Registered owners of BBEdit 2.5 or later can upgrade for $39, except for those who purchased the application after August 1, 2001, who get a free upgrade. A discounted cross-upgrade price of $79 is available to owners of BBEdit Lite, Adobe GoLive or Pagemill, or Macromedia Dreamweaver. The new version is available online now from BBEdit. CD versions should ship within a month.