New start-up ISP Be is preparing to launch its 24Mb broadband service in the UK.

The company claims this will be the fastest available service in the UK. The service will be made available in London first, before being rolled out across the UK.

Be co-founder Boris Ivanovic said: "The deregulation of the market makes this a very exciting time for the UK and Be is here to make the most of it, offering customers the full capability of ADSL2+ from launch.

"There is no reason to drag out the increase in speed and launch in steps of 1 meg or 2 meg when the capability is there to offer the maximum speeds available – which is what Be is all about."

New technology drives opportunity

It relies on ADSL2+ technology that doubles the download bandwidth, and the company describes its move as a "revolutionary overhaul of the UK broadband market".

Be promises to provide a higher quality product than anyone else in the UK, explaining the dramatic speed increase of its service is affordable through use if new technologies, such as Alcatel’s latest generation DSLAM (the Alcatel 7302 Intelligent Services Access Manager).

"Alcatel's innovation in research and development and our work with the standardization bodies gives Be access to the most powerful broadband technology," said Michel Rahier, in charge of Alcatel’s fixed communications activities.

"Be has a very exciting proposition for the UK market and has promising plans for their evolution towards a user-centric triple play service offering."