Ex-Beatle Paul McCartney has agreed to offer a charity track exclusively on the iTunes Music Store.

The track is called Whole Life and it was recorded with Eurythmics' star Dave Stewart. It will be made available as part of a four-song Extended Play (EP) set and is part of Nelson Mandela's Global 46664 initiative.

Every contribution to the 46664 1 YEAR ON collection is the result of one-off big name collaborations. Other music guru's involved in the project are Queen and Sting. Mandela himself actually features on Queen track.


The four tracks available as part of the exclusive EP are: Invincible Hope by Nelson Mandela and Queen; Whole Life by David Stewart and Paul McCartney; People by Jimmy Cliff, Sting and Tony Rebel; and Freedom's Coming by Da Universal Playaz. Each track costs 79 pence individually. The EP costs £3.16.

Money raised will go to Mandela's initiative to fight against HIV and AIDS.

The tracks are available for download at all iTunes Music Stores (with the exception of the Spanish store) according to Contact Music. Although available everywhere else now, the tracks will not be available in the US until January 11.

The Beatles record label Apple Corps is litigating against Apple, alleging that it broke a 1991 agreement forbidding the use the name Apple in any use "whose principle content is music".