The Beijing Macintosh User Group (BeiMac) will launch the Beijing iPod User Group (BeiPod) at BeiMac's October 15, 2005 meeting.

The Beijing iPod User Group will be the first iPod-focused user group in China. David Feng, founder and president of the Beijing Macintosh User Group, explains:

"What we've seen recently in Chinese cities is this huge iPod awareness campaign, thanks to Apple China's iPod ads. If we take Beijing as an example, these iPod ads have seeped into the Beijing Metro in November 2003, then onto the Airport Expressway in 2004, and now there are iPod ads on main city roads, including the 3rd Ring Road, and there are even roaming iPod ads - in the form of iPod ads on buses. Thanks to this publicity campaign, more and more people now know that 'iPod' exists. This is where we step in."

"BeiPod will be a place where people who have heard about iPods can come and discover what an iPod is, and will also be a place where iPod users, be they Mac users or Windows people, can come in and share their experience; so it's kind of like a home for iPod people."

BeiPod will be a part of the Beijing Macintosh Union, of which BeiMac is a member. Groups in the BeiMac Union get access to common resources, including a resource library featuring around 200 magazines and 200 books in six languages. Groups in the BeiMac Union will also share a common membership identity card - the BeiMacPass.

In addition to the creation of BeiPod and iPod-related topics, the Beijing Macintosh User Group's October 2005 meeting will also take a look at some new Mac books (in Chinese, English and Japanese). Additionally, Mac-related magazines from China, such as Macworld China and MacFans Book, will also be on hand.

The meeting takes place on Saturday October 15, 2005, from 5pm-8pm (Beijing time), at Apple's Beijing offices.

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