Belkin has launched its Apple Monitor Adaptor, which allows Apple's latest G4 Power Macs to connect to older Apple monitors.

The adaptor creates a bridge between Apple's recently-introduced Apple Display Connector (ADC) and the DVI (Digital Video Interface) connector of older Apple monitors. This means owners of new Power Mac G4s can continue to use existing Cinema and Studio Displays – or any third-party monitor featuring a DVI connector.

Uriah Smith, Belkin's sales and marketing director for Europe, said: "The Apple Monitor Adaptor features state-of-the-art wiring to ensure 100 per cent compatibility with all Apple devices."

The adaptor is available from the Apple Store, it costs £24.99.

Apple's ADC is a cable and connector solution that carries analogue- and digital-video signals, USB data and display power, but does not connect to the DVI adaptor that was shipped with Apple's earlier flat-panel displays.