Belkin is offering a special cut-price deal through the Apple Store on its Belkin iPod Holiday Travel Pack.

It means customers can buy Belkin's Media Reader, Voice Recorder, Battery Back-up Pack and a Leather flip Case for just £99.99.

Belkin's Voice Recorder lets users of third-generation iPods record memos, lectures, interviews or conversations directly to their iPod's hard drive. When you connect up to your computer these can be copied to that device for archiving, editing and more. The Voice Recorder also works as a travel alarm clock.

The Belkin Leather Flip Case combines is a stylish leather iPod-protector that also allows you complete access to the iPod's controls.

The Battery Back-up Pack adds extra life t your roving music player. Powered by four AA batteries this gadget keeps the iPod running for 12-15 hours, and all you need to do is add more batteries to keep the music playing when you are on the road.

Finally, Belkin's Media Reader for iPod lets digital photographers downloads images from any of six media storage formats, allowing you to clear the card and keep snapping. Images are stored on the iPod until the next time you link up to your Mac, when you can take the images off of the device to edit in an imaging application.

The usual price of each item purchased individually through the store totals at least £170 – not including the Flip Case which is not individually listed on the store.

More information is available on the Apple Store.

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