Belkin is shipping the TuneTalk Stereo for 5G iPods in the UK.

The system lets iPod owners use the voice recording features of their media players, so they can record conversations (at CD quality), memos and more.

The secret's in the name, TuneTalk Stereo records in stereo directly to the iPod's hard drive. It connects using the dock connector and records with two high quality omni-directional microphones. 

Recordings are stored under 'Voice Memo's' on the user's iPod for downloading or playback when ready. Recordings can be copied, to your desktop or notebook computer for storage or editing, or users can send sound bytes via email. 
The TuneTalk Stereo from Belkin comes with a stand for hands-free use and fits with most iPod cases from Belkin. 

Additional features include: charge while recording with included cable; an external 3.5mm microphone adaptor; one-touch navigation; hands-free recording with included stand; real-time adjustable gain for changing noise levels; clipping indicator.

The device costs £59.99 and is shipping through UK sales channels now.