Nova Development has announced its iPod-friendly Berlitz Premier range of foreign language (French, German, Italian and Spanish) learning tools.

This series of language learning tools works on a computer (Mac or Windows), a CD player, iPod, Pocket PC or other mobile device. Each Berlitz Premier title offers instruction suitable for beginning, intermediate and advanced users, who can learn their chosen language at their own speed using the system.

“Never before has such a diverse array of foreign language instruction tools been assembled in a single package,” said Roger Bloxberg, CEO of Nova Development. “We’re especially pleased that the Berlitz Premier series puts the fun back in foreign language learning with interactive games and puzzles that help improve skills painlessly.”

Users learn by listening to actual conversations in their chosen tongue, with video clips to show how native language speakers express themselves. Berlitz' 'flash-card' system teaches an additional 1,000 words. A speech analysis system helps users articulate the language correctly.

In addition to computer software learning, each Berlitz Premier title allows users to learn in their cars by listening to a complete Berlitz foreign language course on four audio CDs. It also offers vocabulary learning tools for the iPod.

The system is available now in the US, and costs $39.95.