Best Buy, an Apple reseller in the US, has dropped the price of its Macs, suggesting that Apple is preparing for the launch of new products.

Cult of Mac spotted that Best Buy had reduced the price of all Apple Macs, some selling for over $200 less than the original price. The report suggests that Apple may have notified vendors of expected supply shortages in preparation for the launch of a new product line.

It is expected that Apple is getting ready to launch a new MacBook Pro line-up, with many predicting a radically redesigned product line that uses Intel’s new Ivy Bridge processor.

The redesigned MacBook Pro line-up could be more like the MacBook Air, with a thinner design that scraps hard disk drives in favour of SSDs. It could also be made with Liquidmetal, which would make the laptop lighter and more durable.

It’s thought that the new MacBooks could also have Retina displays, after high-resolution application icons were spotted in the company’s OS X 10.7.4 update, released last week.