Giant US retail chain Best Buy is exploring the possibility of selling Macs in its stores.

The company has carried Macs in the past, but stopped doing so in 1998 when Apple's sales reached rock bottom.

The fact that Best Buy is looking into stocking these products once again underlines the remarkable nature of Apple's recovery in recent years.

At present, Best Buy only stocks iPods in its stores, but as part of its Mac sales experiment has added Macs to the available products in seven of its shops, the company revealed during its annual general meeting last night.

The test began four weeks ago, reports Associated Press.

Needham & Co analyst Charles Wolf explained: "I think it's great that Best Buy is going to carry the Mac. But carrying the Mac, which they've done in the past, is simply not the answer. They've got to sell the Mac. And I don't know if their sales force in the stores are capable of doing that."

Meanwhile the UK's largest retail chain, Tesco, has also begun selling Macs in some of its stores.

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