UK Mac software developer Kudlian Software is launching seven products to extend iLife in education at BETT next week.

It's the launch of the firm's 'Curriculum Expansion Series' for the UK's primary, secondary and higher education sectors. The products include: I Can Animate; SlideShow; On-Camera; Charting and Graphing; Weather Reporting; Times Gone By; and Essential Tools.

I Can Animate is easy-to-use software for producing animated movies using multiple media - models. movies or drawings, for example.

Also with a focus on ease-of-use, SlideShow will display pictures and can build presentations and stories. Slideshows can include pictures, movies, sound and text.

On-Camera is a unique application to help create striking movies of children reading their words aloud, just like a professional autocue. Use text and digital images to create a presentation.

Charting and Graphing for iLife lets pupils draw animated graphs and charts directly into movie clips. Weather Reporting for iLife lets students create professional weather broadcasts using animated symbols and a range of maps. Also for iLife, Times Gone By produces animated maps and charts showing, for example, the Viking invasion, Romans, WWII, Railways, which may then be imported directly into a movie clip.

Essential Tools consists of a selection of resources children can use in projects in order to make their video reports appear to have been made in different places, such as the rain forest.

Kudlian Soft managing director Roger Young said: "These new products offer educationalists an opportunity to really bring the curriculum to life. Children can now present their work in a media they are immersed in every day of their life, digitally through video. They can video their report on a mini-beast survey for instance, photograph the mini-beast and include statistical information, include a professional looking weather forecast and even, present a mini-beasts eye view.”